Pioneering Progress in Oncology

At The US Oncology Network (The Network), we are always evolving, focused on what’s on the horizon and how we can ensure the practices and people in The Network are equipped with solutions to thrive.

This is why I am excited to share what is in this report with you. We are making progress on every front, and the passion from each team across The Network is clear. Together, we are reaching new heights in our mission to support premier care for patients in local communities across the nation.

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The Power of The Network 

Our conviction in helping community oncology practices thrive and grow is unmatched, and we are proud to be a network of people passionate about advancing care, all in benefit of the patient at the heart of our work.

Our impact 

The story of The Network is one of significant reach and profound patient impact. Our legacy spans nearly a quarter-century, but this isn't just about numbers; our story embodies a deep-rooted commitment to reinforcing the value independent practices bring to their communities while relentlessly pursuing excellence in patient care and outcomes.

Scope and Reach

We stand together as the largest independent network of community oncology clinics in the US, delivering premier patient care to a diverse patient demographic.

Supportive Resources

Beyond clinical care, our network is supported by approximately 15,000 non-provider staff and 500 centralized employees, all dedicated to supporting care in hometowns across the country.

Innovation and Investment

Our devotion to advancing care is propelling us into the future. We are at the forefront of revolutions in oncology, spanning precision medicine, value-based care and more. We are investing in the tools and technologies to keep practices ahead of the curve.

2023 Annual Report

In our annual report, we're sharing insights from our leaders about the state of The Network and what's ahead. We're discussing the newest trends in community oncology and how The Network is developing solutions to remain at the forefront of innovation, including in areas like clinical care, value-based care and public policy. And we're talking about The Network's recent growth and how we are leading the way in helping practices thrive, all while remaining independent.

Download The Network's 2023 Annual Report