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Together: A Better Way to Fight Cancer

Cancer may be the biggest challenge you will ever face in life, but as a result of exciting new developments in cancer research, great strides are being made every day in improving outcomes and quality of life. That’s why it’s critical to obtain care from a physician that has access to these promising new cancer treatment therapies and advancements.

Comprehensive cancer centers that are part of The US Oncology Network offer personalized cancer patient care available today in local communities, close to home.

Watch the video and hear how being treated by a cancer center in The Network has made all the difference to one patient. 

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Comprehensive Cancer Care

Dealing with cancer is emotionally and physically demanding. It is also stressful for loved ones and caregivers. Cancer centers in The US Oncology Network provide a variety of non-medical support services to help patients and their families. Highly skilled professionals work with patients on various aspects of survivorship that can improve quality of life, such as nutrition, exercise and other activities that can enable the patient to regain a sense of well-being. Our trained teams can also help with financial management, cancer assistance programs and advance care planning, documenting patients’ care goals and preferences for treatment so their voice can be heard at all stages of care.

Evidence-Based Medicine Provides The Most Effective Cancer Treatments

With researchers around the world diligently working on new cancer breakthroughs every day, physicians must keep pace with the virtual explosion of new treatments. Previously accepted therapies can rapidly become outdated.

Evidence-based guidelines re-direct the wide range of cancer treatments into more precise, clinically-proven treatment options, enabling physicians to ensure they are offering the best treatments to their patients. The US Oncology Network and our physicians are pioneers in developing evidence-based guidelines. Treatment guidelines created by physicians in The Network were selected by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) to be integrated with NCCN guidelines, the gold standard for cancer treatment.

Recent studies found that evidence-based care provides significant benefits to cancer patients, in addition to cost savings, such as:

  • Shorter duration of therapy
  • Lower frequency of chemotherapy-related hospital admissions
  • Lower rate of chemotherapy infusion visits
  • Lower frequency of non-chemotherapy agents