Cancer Treatment Options & Resources

Cancer Treatment Options

There are five basic types of treatment for cancer. These treatments may be used alone or in combination with other therapies, depending on such things as type of cancer, stage at diagnosis and the patient’s overall health, as well as other factors. Patients should have an in-depth discussion with their physician to learn about the benefits of each recommended cancer treatment option or strategy, as well as potential side effects.

  • Chemotherapy: Medications that reduce cancer growth and spread
  • Radiotherapy: Internally or externally delivered radiation to inhibit cancer cell reproduction
  • Surgery: Removal of cancerous tumors and other obstructions
  • Hormone Therapy: Medications that aid or limit the presence or activity of hormones to control cancer growth
  • Immunotherapy: Therapy that aids the body’s own immune system to affect cancer cells including CAR T-cell therapy

Cancer Resources For Patients

Battling cancer is a difficult challenge for patients and loved ones, and at times can be overwhelming. There are many organizations that can help by connecting you to valuable resources and by providing helpful information to guide you during cancer treatment and survivorship. Your care team can also offer assistance in many critical areas and put you in touch with local resources that are available.

Cancer.Net ( is an excellent place to start gathering information that can help you and your family make informed decisions to better cope with cancer. This website provides comprehensive, oncologist-approved information from the American Society of Clinical Oncology and is supported by the Conquer Cancer Foundation.

Other Helpful Cancer Support Resources