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Celebrating Oncology Nursing Month

Every May, we celebrate Oncology Nursing Month to recognize the critical role oncology nurses play in patient care. Despite the challenges of recent years, nurses have continued to show up for patients with fierce dedication and compassion.  

This year’s theme, “The hands and hearts of hope,” reminds us that nurses are often a source of strength and hope for their patients and loved ones. And oncology nurses give hope to their patients and families while they travel through their cancer journey with a gentle touch before a procedure, a kind word in passing, or by comforting a patient or family member at the end of a journey. Oncology nurses tirelessly lead with expertise and compassion while providing hope and comfort for those facing the unimaginable. 

Nurses have been a sense hope since the dawn of the profession, but in the last two years, they have had to juggle more than ever while caring for patients with cancer and the challenges of the pandemic. Through it all, they continue to make personal sacrifices and preserve for their patients. 

We honor all oncology nurses for their dedication, commitment, and passion for helping those in need. Nurses play a key role in their patients’ cancer journey from explaining a diagnosis, to providing guidance through treatment, celebrating victories, and comforting patients through inconceivable setbacks. Even when faced with the most difficult situations, oncology nurses remain fearlessly committed to provide endless compassion and comfort to patients. 

The Network recognizes the important role nurses play in providing the highest quality patient care in a community setting and we are committed to supporting the professional growth and development of all our nurses and clinical staff. Nurses in The Network have access to clinical education programs, various certification courses,  wellness resources and on-going opportunities for leadership development. 

We thank you and celebrate all nurses of The US Oncology Network and beyond during Oncology Nursing Month, and every other day of the year. Thank you for all you do day in and day out! 


Judi Payne-De Bock, BSN is the senior director of Clinical Services for The US Oncology Network. She is responsible for leading The Network’s clinical services team and ensuring nurses and clinical staff at practices in The Network have the resources and support needed to provide high-quality patient care every day..