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New Website Showcases Our Innovative Solutions for the Evolving Healthcare Landscape

You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you’re standing still, you’re moving backwards.” This certainly is true for healthcare providers today, especially community oncologists. Complex healthcare regulations, declining reimbursements, rising overhead and increasing demands for quality reporting are changing the face of the oncology practice.

For a community oncology practice to remain viable and successful in this challenging environment, it must not only respond to the rapid changes in the healthcare landscape, it must stay ahead of the curve.  While we don’t have a crystal ball to see what’s coming next in cancer care, The US Oncology Network (“The Network”), a physician-led organization, does have the collective expertise and knowledge of over 1,400 member physicians to help us define and anticipate future trends.

We recognize that as the environment changes around us, we, too, must change. To that end, The Network, supported by McKesson Specialty Health, has been busy over the past few years aligning our service and solution offerings with the changing needs of the market. This is an ongoing process. We are constantly looking around the corner and adapting our portfolio of business support services, value-based care tools and enabling technologies to meet the evolving needs of our physicians so they can stay on the leading edge of healthcare trends. This continual self-analysis ensures we are providing our community-based allies all of the resources, infrastructure and expertise required to thrive in the demanding value-based environment of today  as well as the future.

As part of our rebranding endeavor, we have completely redesigned our website into a dynamic new format that mirrors our mission to help community practices remain strong and vibrant through innovative solutions that support high quality value-based care. The new website is part of our effort to enhance the quality and availability of information about The Network for physicians and patients. In an increasingly virtual age, it will play a vital role in our ongoing efforts to convey the value of The Network.

The site’s bold, uncluttered design, streamlined menus and simple navigation deliver an engaging, user-friendly experience, providing more information from a quick read while allowing users to dive deeper for more details with a single click. Not only does the website provide valuable information for patients and present the many benefits physicians gain by joining The Network, it also showcases many of our dedicated physicians and staff discussing how The Network helps them provide quality care. You can also find patient stories that show the dedication and high-quality care they received from practices in The Network. I invite you to check out their stories to get a better understanding of what The Network can do for physicians and patients.  

We are very excited and proud to launch our new website, and we hope you enjoy exploring all that it has to offer. As you do, I think you’ll feel the passion and dedication of everyone who was involved in shaping this new public face of The Network.

Kirk Kaminsky
The US Oncology Network and Practice Management
McKesson Specialty Health