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Providing Better Care with Precision Medicine

New advances in precision medicine are rapidly altering the way physicians diagnose and treat cancer. Biomarker testing that factors in a patients’ genomic and cellular profile mean truly customized treatments are closer than ever before.

These major advancements in precision medicine are attributed to next-generation sequencing (NGS), a new laboratory technique for evaluating molecular sequences that can analyze millions of DNA mutations simultaneously. Through this new sequencing method, data is collected and leveraged for updated biomarker testing recommendations, patient care models, disease screening protocols, and treatment guidelines from professional medical societies – all of which can be used by physicians to make informed decisions on the most personalized and effective ways to treat cancer for each individual patient.

While these innovations are exciting, there are challenges and hurdles that many oncologists face.  Physicians must choose from an array of complicated tests to make a diagnosis and create a treatment plan for their patient in a timely manner. Testing and evaluating data can be a burden to manage, but through advancements in iKnowMedSM Generation 2, McKesson’s leading oncology EHR, and access to top laboratory vendors, physicians in The Network can more easily navigate the complexities of precision medicine to provide better care for patients close to home.

Making precision medicine easier for practices

The US Oncology Network is committed to making precision medicine easier for physicians and has built tools to ensure their success.

  • Vetted biomarker testing labs

To ensure quality results, a comprehensive list of vetted labs is embedded in our biomarker order guides, eliminating the need for physicians to find their own reliable testing source. Labs are evaluated by The Network’s biomarker committee consisting of physicians who examine each lab to determine their sustainability, quality and breadth of testing, and financial assistance programs.

  • Comprehensive biomarker order guidelines

To eliminate the guesswork of identifying appropriate tests and treatment options, comprehensive biomarker order guidelines are embedded in iKnowMedSM Generation 2. This feature is frequently updated to keep up with the latest developments on biomarker discoveries and new drugs.

  • Auto-populated forms to streamline biomarker test ordering

To save time manually entering patient information and completing vendor forms, iKnowMedSM Generation 2 includes an interactive auto-populating feature. This feature automatically populates the correct lab vendor order form with the patient’s information once the appropriate test is chosen.

Through efforts to continue to enhance the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients, The US Oncology Network is proud to make precision medicine a standard of care for all patients with advanced cancers.


Jen Buhay, PhD, is the precision medicine clinical program manager for The US Oncology Network, leading biomarker testing, education, and operational efforts to support personalized patient care for oncology. She is board-certified as a molecular biologist through the American Society for Clinical Pathology.