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The US Oncology Network reacts to the release of the Enhancing Oncology Model

As the largest participant in the Oncology Care Model (OCM), representing over 25% of total physician participation and nearly $250 million in combined savings to Medicare, The US Oncology Network welcomes the release of the Enhancing Oncology Model (EOM).

“While we are continuing to review the details of the EOM, we are pleased The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Innovation Center (also known as “CMMI”) is pursuing a voluntary, physician-driven, oncology-specific model that emphasizes health equity,” said Dr. Marcus Neubauer, chief medical officer, The US Oncology Network. “The development and implementation of the OCM was a very collaborative process between CMMI and the stakeholder community, and we look forward to continuing that collaboration to ensure successful participation in this new model.”

The EOM contains new challenges—in comparison to the OCM, the EOM entails more down-side risk, covers a smaller population, and has a lower monthly enhanced oncology services (MEOS) payment, but it also represents a strong step forward on the path toward value-based care.