Comprehensive solutions to drive managed care oncology financial security.

Payer & Managed Care Services for Oncology

Negotiating payer contracts is a critical part of practice success and has become more complex as payer mergers continue and contracts become more complicated. Our experienced and knowledgeable payer and managed care experts will guide negotiations and provide the needed analytics, putting the practice on a level playing field with large payer organizations.

Value-Based Cancer Care Support

As the market shifts to value-based care, local practices are challenged to reduce costs, improve quality and report on a variety of financial and performance metrics. We provide technology and process tools that enable practices to understand their costs and to report metrics required for reimbursement to payers. Our comprehensive practice management services, expertise and integrated technologies empower practices to thrive in the new healthcare landscape, allowing them to successfully participate in alternative payment models like the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation Oncology Care Model.

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Financial and Capital Support

Practices in The Network have access to financial capital that enables them to thrive in a world of rising costs. Ready access to capital can ease the opening of a new office site, finance the purchase of a new linear accelerator, or support the day-to-day costs of a practice. We also assist practices in the daily accounting and financial services they need to operate a well-run practice.

Practice Growth

We have multifaceted ways to help practices meet the many challenges today’s competitive value-based care delivery environment presents. Our experts can assess the practice and develop strategic plans for long-term growth and success. These assessments often identify new opportunities to add specialties and services that can help the practice grow and achieve market leadership. We provide marketing, physician liaison services and an experienced development team to execute on growth initiatives, as well as cancer patient assistance programs to help build a strong referral base.

Specialty Drug Distribution and Access

Our specialty drug distribution and purchasing services are designed to improve operational and drug purchasing efficiency while enhancing patient care. Practices in The Network have access to Unity GPO, which has over a dozen differentiated contracts that enable practices to maintain lower expenses. Unity GPO allows all practices in The Network, small and large, to benefit from the significant size of our community.

Medically Integrated Dispensing

The use of oral chemotherapy drugs is growing. We provide a comprehensive in-office dispensing solution with comprehensive financial management tools including medication therapy management, prescription processing technology, and managed care services support so you can capture oral prescription revenue in your practice.

Revenue Cycle Management

Properly managing revenue cycle activities is essential for continued growth and success. Our comprehensive practice management software solutions optimize collection processes and drive best practices in critical areas such as payer and patient collections, financial counseling, cancer patient assistance programs, analytics, reporting and benchmarking. Our solutions enable increased reimbursement and revenue cycle optimization.