Practice Story

Professional and Personal Fulfillment

Lucy Langer, M.D., Compass Oncology

There is a lot of opportunity to make your career what you want it to be in The Network – you can participate as much or as little in whatever you are interested in and carve out a role for yourself. Even a tiny little physician like me can be a leader and gain national leadership experience – that doesn’t exist for most physicians in private practice. I have ideas and want to make things happen and I can because I’m part of The Network. I could see they were lacking a genetics program and I started that for my practice and found other Network practices that were also doing work in genetics, so we came together and started a national genetics program. I have a network of over 1,400 practitioners I can ask for advice – that’s not available anywhere else! The benefits of being in a multispecialty practice are obvious to physicians – the advantages of patients getting most or all of their care in one practice allows better coordination of care, better communication, and patients feel understood.